Trip Cancellation Insurance Package

Many unforeseen events can occur both before and during a trip. Some are pleasant and some are not. Trip cancellation cover will ensure you against the unexpected when you need to cancel or abandon your trip because of something that has cropped up.

The kinds of reasons and circumstances under which you would be eligible to make a claim on your insurance include, for example, a visa refusal, accidental damage, sudden illness, property-related issues, etc. If any of these or other events occur, this insurance policy from our partner ERV will reimburse your costs.

How does Trip Cancellation insurance work

Insurance is available for all classes of travel. Minimum cost of a ticket eligible for insurance cover:

  • EUR 25 – for domestic travels in Ukraine.
  • EUR 50 – for travels abroad (outside Ukraine).

The insurer will refund the cost of flight tickets and travel services not refunded by travel services providers.