Return Home

Dear passengers, following your requests to purchase tickets for the special flights to Kyiv for the citizens of Ukraine and the non-residents who have the right to enter Ukraine, and also departure  from Kyiv, Ukraine International opens ticket sales for the following flights:

Flights to Kyiv

Date Route
05.06.2020 Seattle - Kyiv BOOK
06.06.2020 Dubai - Kyiv BOOK
08.06.2020 Paris - Kyiv BOOK
12.06.2020 Madrid - Kyiv BOOK
12.06.2020 Malaga - Kyiv BOOK
12.06.2020 Tel Aviv - Kyiv BOOK
13.06.2020 Toronto - Kyiv BOOK
14.06.2020 Dubai - Kyiv BOOK

Flights from Kyiv

Date Route
06.06.2020 Kyiv - Tel Aviv BOOK
08.06.2020 Kyiv - Miami BOOK
08.06.2020 Kyiv - Paris BOOK
12.06.2020 Kyiv - Madrid BOOK
12.06.2020 Kyiv - Malaga BOOK
12.06.2020 Kyiv - Toronto BOOK
12.06.2020 Kyiv - Tel Aviv BOOK

Boarding passes for the estimated flights will be available at the airport check-in counters free of charge.

UIA Special Flights Survey

We are trying to estimate passenger demand for different flights. To help us, please take the survey by this link. We will do our best to organize special flights to bring you home.